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Friday, May 12, 2006


I never thought this day would come but I am actually sad that the ADMK Govt. is down and out. I am not a fan of Jayalalithaa. Last time when she was the CM, she did everything wrong, starting from the great dip at Mahaamaham, to the extravagant wedding and the we-are-not-lesbians-though relationship she had with Sasikala. This time even though she started on a wrong foot by making the loser of losers Panneerselvam as the CM, she didn't do anything real bad. She handled the tsunami disaster well, laid good roads (at least in Chennai), brought in some MNCs, handled last year's flood reief realy well. I can't believe laying-off those arrogant state government employees would have this much effect. Now Karunanidhi, the racist, is going to assume that the people love him and hate Jayalalithaa. Ever since MGR's death, TN has always been an anti-incumbent state. So the verdict shouldn't be a big surprise. Lets hope the new CM does good things.
As an aside, I think all women politicians have to be arrogant. After all, in a male-dominated "profession" like politics, one has to be arrogant and its impossible to have a "nice lady" image but arrogance becomes the standing-out quality in most of them, at least in India. Think of Indra Gandhi, Jayalalithaa, Uma Bharti. I can't think of Rabri Devi as a politician though.


Blogger tilotamma said...

Hmmm... yeah I feel really bad too. Did not post about it but yes feel the same way.

Arrogance etc. I don't care that much about it either. On TV, we all saw how they pushed and shoved J on the vehicle with MGR's body in it.

It takes guts to come out of all those things. Any idiot can commit suicide and disappear into obscurity...

I can't believe that the people prefer a doddering old man who like Ben Hur seems to be kept alive only by hatred. Heck ben hur was nice - take that comparison back...

11:22 AM  
Blogger The Talkative Man said...

Well, JJ has had quite a learning curve isnt it? Last time though, it wasn't altogether bad, she did have a good reign between 1991-93, handling Cauvery and sundry issues decently. Received very good press as well. She started antagonising everyone from 94 onwards.
This time she decided to go berserk from the word go, settling scores right away and began making amends later on. Very solid reign last 2 years but her unstable streak put off people's confidence.

Not all govt employees are arrogant. What about those in the teaching sector? Coming from JJ was a bit thick.

That said, an astute and shrewd politician. Only 57 I'm sure she will be a force for another 2 decades atleast.

Whether she's a lesbian or not is simply none of our business, lets keep our nose out of it!!

11:54 AM  
Blogger Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Well said Tilo. She has real guts.

Deepa, there's no way that the new CM would do good. His plan is to take over as CM, then give the post to Stalin after a period of few months or so. Looking at his election manifesto, its very obvious that the things he has promised cannot be done. You know what this bloody bugger would do when asked for the free TV and rice? He would go back on his promise and say that the Treasury is empty and JJ is responsible for it. So he cant give everyone the free TV as promised.

As for that bloody FM, what does he know about economics and finance? In Rajiv Gandhi's time he was not more than a translator for Gandhi during his trips to TN!!!

12:10 PM  
Blogger Ginkgo said...

well...I wud want to think..itz her mishandling or as u can call it 'mis treatment' of the govt servant and the common man that has brought her downfall.

But if you would notice, the results have been quite close, cause otherwise in recent memory...only one of the 2 Dravidian parties get a full scale majority...but this ADMK got quite a few..

Rather than say DMK won, I would say ADMK lost..:-)

Not a big fan on Karunanidhi..letz see..

3:37 PM  
Blogger I said...

Being arrogant is good. But being stupid like Indira was not.

6:07 PM  
Blogger Rajesh said...

Amma lost because of captain.

11:40 PM  
Blogger Me said...

simple deepa vandha tv varlana _______ (fill in the blanks for u)

anyways it makes no big diff to me...

11:48 AM  
Anonymous ashok said...

J had the initial momentum with her but lost it towards the end of her campaign. Sun TV had a big role in this.
Matching or rather reacting equally to Kalaingar's silly election manifesto was a big mistake. It nullified MK's stupidity.
Captain was a big surprise factor aswell as Rajesh pointed out.
Now the next 5 years will see more statues being errected, more mani mandabams built, more renaming of places and more useless gimmicks...and sure enough people will vote back J to power in the next election. God save TN.!

2:54 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

True Tilo, that push-over is a power to reckon with now. SHE is an astute politician.
TTM, you ask me to butt out but if you read again, you'd realise I wasn't calling her a lesbian. And obviously not all govt. employees are arrogant. But most of them whom you come across for everyday chores are.
Anusha, watch the drama unfold now. It'd be entertaining.
True ginkgo, ADMK lost.
I, gotta agree.
Maybe Rajesh. Never know.
Me, is that "adapaavi"?;-)
Ashok, you summed 'em all up beautifully.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Bubby said...


Karuna's first assurance as soon as he came to power :- "The Kannagi statue will be re-installed at the beach" romba mukyamda!nalla road-a-podungadaa deeii.

Jaya refuses to attend the Assembly session, as expected. Her reply to a journo who asked her about this "You may not be aware of what happened to me in 1989 [referring to the 'Dushasanam'].. I was at the receiving end.That's why I will not be attending the session tomorrow". Madam, then why did you attend the sessions when you were CM?

I admire Jaya paatti for her guts.. for arresting poli saamiyars, for laying off govt. employees.. but aana she has her own madathanams..

Karuna ellu-thaatha is worse.. Kezhavanuku 'enbadilum aasai varum..'nadakkave mudiyadha vayasula CM post kekkuda? why cant these people retire gracefully? Imagine stalin as the CM.. am sure he will be, by this time, next year...ofcourse not before Dayanidhi and Kalanidhi float their own kazhagam, which will be called MUDAMDK or KADMK or something like that

11:59 PM  
Blogger ashok said...

Contrary to wat everybody say, the pass of power from Karunanidhi to Stalin will be smooth and without any opposition. Wait and see...
(but anyway, Karunanidhi has to die first for this to happen...and this guy doent seem to tire atall !)

5:51 AM  
Blogger D The Dreamer said...

Your view about MK is not agreeable to me but lets not debate on it. But there are other things I want to point out to you.

//its impossible to have a "nice lady" image but arrogance becomes the standing-out quality in most of them, at least in India//

Well, you have left out couple of quotable examples.
The arrogant Mamta Bannerjie isn't making any gains and so is Uma. On the other hand, Sonia is not commanding respect from common folks/party men and women by her arrogance.

//I can't believe laying-off those arrogant state government employees would have this much effect//
Why did the "arrogant" Jaya succumb to the state govt employees after the loss in 2004 Parliament elections? Shouldn't she have stuck to her decision and recruited newbies?? Where did the arrogance go after the humiliating loss in 2004? So, arrogance is never the way to go. Proper governance is.

Just one question to you, Deepa. I think Jaya lacks the character to accept failures. Why didn't she go personally to the Governer to tender the resignation?
When Jaya was sworn in as CM in 2001, MK Stalin and K Anbazhagan represented the DMK party in the ceremony. Why didnt Jaya send in any of her ex-ministers to the occasion? Dont you think she isnt interested in bringing the hatred to a rest? Also you have to remember MK gave 21 lakhs to Tsunami Relief when Jaya was the CM. Do you think Jaya would have done it , if she was in the opposition?

Comments on the comment part.
//On TV, we all saw how they pushed and shoved J on the vehicle with MGR's body in it//

Tilo, JJ was not shoved by DMK men, but my relative of MGR. Now dont tell me that it is the conspiracy of MK. In addition, it is not a norm for a civilian to accompany the dead body in the army vehicle and that why she was stopped. But I agree that she is a fighter and is born to be in politics.

10:32 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

D the D, agree with you on most things. Read my first line, I am not a fan of Jaya. MK, at this age, doesn't seem like a good option. Come on, everybody knows Jaya can get stupid. The way she gave the freebies after losing the parliamentary elections shows her resolve in doing things. We have to choose between the two.

9:18 AM  
Blogger RaajK said...


When I read this post, I was GREATLY disappointed. But your comment to D the D made things a little better for me to share my opinion on this. Here it is:

1. Her handling flood situation was the worst. About 6 people died in Vyasarpadi during reief distribution. She, as a CM should have immediately taken note of it. No. Subsequently 42 people died in MGR Nagar !

2. She never tried to bring in any MNCs. At the most she shamelessly tried to take credit for what others brought in (Nokia by Dayanidhi maran).

Except her attempt to build an exravagant Secretariat Building at a whopping budget of Rs.2000 crores, she did not do anything pro-actively vis a vis industries.

It is the media which portrays her as great.

Incidentally, SHGs are portrayed big time as an achievement of Jaya. But in reality it was a Central Govt. scheme implemented during the DMK regime and Centre still funds 75 percent of it.

3. She destroyed many novel shemes like Uzhavar Sandhai, Maternity Assisstance to poor women etc.

4. I also dont agree with you on MK being a racist. But let us leave it at that :-)

5. Your approval of arrogance is misplaced. Arrogance can be taken as a kind of over-assertiveness and that is quite okay for a woman. But, what Jaya personifies is not that. I dont know any appropriate word for that.

But, her type of arrogance in public life is too dangerous, for, one is playing with a large number of people's lives. (You know, just becos the previous govt appointed Road Workers, she dismissed 10,000 such workers in one go. Inspite of the High court's directive to reinstate them, she went in appeal to the Supreme Court. They are after all lower class labourers working on a consolidated pay. About 86 of committed suicide ! )

Many such silly ego-filled vendettas.

12:51 PM  
Blogger I said...


idhukku atlantinzes-e thevalam

12:54 PM  
Blogger Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Rajesh is right. Captain aala dhaan votes split aachchu...
As everyone seems to be saying, Stalin will be the CM next year this time and also there r chances that MK would be on the route to Hell (in short dead). Inime beach fully samaadhiyum, selaiyum dhaan irukkum...Beach gaalee...

1:25 PM  
Blogger Me said...

i feel that its the statues that gives marina its fav one is glad it is going to be back....

i hear bubby saying...ivanga maadhri aal irukarathunaala dhan.....wat to do oru attachment kalandha senti feeling dhan....

2:04 PM  
Blogger Anusha Parthasarathy said...


kannagi selai edhathukku appuram dhaan TN la panjam, pattinee ellaam pochchu!!! I am not trying to sound superstitious, but why keep that statue in chennai? Madurai la vekkalaame...

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Bubby said...

Lol anusha.. you are right. Marina beach-kku badhil.. marina samaadhi . anna-vukku right la MGR naa.. left ka karuna.. avarukku left-la anbazhagan.. stalin... Jaya has reserved her place next to MGR.. avaluku right la O.Panneerselvam.. aprom Viji captain.. innum 20 years la 'Marina - 2nd largest beach in the world' kku badhil 'Marina- largest samaadhi by the beachside in the world' nu varaporadu

Deepz, enna Da Vinci code india la ban AAGALAM (as i write this, the I&B min is watching the film).. aana M F Hussain madiri kezhangal saraswathi ummachi a asingama padam varaiyardu continue ayitte irukum.. idellam pathi ezhuda maatiya?

4:13 AM  
Blogger Me said...

TN la panjam, pattinee ellaam pochchu!!
...oh appidiya...i never knew that.....

i grew up in that area & it is the place where me & my friends used to meet before a cricket match in the beach or while going to the beach .....& this is where i used to take the bus to my college....just lot of good memories attached with that spot....thats it.....

9:56 AM  
Blogger Me said...

...btw i have seen people coming from all over TN to see these samaadhi's....

...mgr samaadhi la kaadhu vechi...avar oda wrist watch tick sadhatha ketutu romba sandosha paduvanga....(btw me also did that....:p)...i dont know whether ppl still do that...

10:23 AM  
Blogger Anusha Parthasarathy said...

atleast treasury empty aagalaila??
Yeah people still flock to the MGR samadhi i guess especially during kaanum pongal.

MF Hussain maadhiri kizhangala pottu thallanum...enna solreenga?? :)

3:26 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

Raaj, when someone says "Kolayali nnambu malayali nambadhey" or endorses the view of a person that said "If you have a stone in hand and you come across a brahmin and a dog, use the stone to hit the brahmin", won't you call that guy a racist? Jaya is crazy, everyone knows that. At least she is not against any group per se.
Bubby and Anusha, true. Marina would soon become the biggest samadhi.
Me, Kannagi should be in Madurai I agree. There are so many statues already. One less would make no difference. Don't cry.:-)

5:42 PM  
Anonymous I said...

how about a statue of silk smitha.

6:48 PM  
Blogger The Talkative Man said...

Karunanidhi might die of laughter hearing the antics of the Lok Paritran kids :)

Every Indian is a racist, the degree varies.

6:55 PM  
Blogger D The Dreamer said...

//At least she is not against any group per se//

Deepa, Jaya may not be against any caste. But there was an inclination (favoritism, I should add) towards one particular community, which is strongly behind Jaya-Sasi.

9:13 PM  
Blogger Ajay said...

'new CM'??
ne way where the u going???

8:18 PM  
Anonymous The Talkative Man said...

Kasi Arumugam used to be an informative contributor within the tamil blogging community. Looks like some scumbag is making merry using his pic.

9:12 PM  
Blogger NaiKutti said...

TN la it doesn't matter how the last 5 yrs went... just take the ruling party out is the motto of the masses!!

1:04 AM  
Blogger Mahadevan said...

Rs.2/- per kg rice and free colour TV offer and the FM's endorsing it as feasible, has undone J. Sun TV's repeated telecasting of MK being physically lifted before arrest had also played upon the psychology of the masses. Captain and Lok Paritran also divided anti MK votes. DMK's election manifesto carried the day.

5:28 AM  
Blogger RaajK said...

But Jaya declared on record in the TN assembly that she is proud to be a Brahmin...

ok ok truce...let us not talk about this divisive and sensitive issue.


11:28 PM  
Blogger Prabhu said...

Ya very true.
Even though jaya's rule wasnt all that great, and it doesnt matter to me who rules TN, jaya's loss made me sad.
I think the lesser of the 2 evils.

DMK's victory is only due to its alliance arithmetic. Individual votebanks of congress, pmk, cpi's added together made it win.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

// laid good roads (at least in Chennai), //

ONLY in Chennai and that is why she lost

// She handled the tsunami disaster well,//
Were you afffected by Tsunami. Did you loose some one in the family. Was your house razed down..... If so you would NOT HAVE said the above lines

Her handling of the disasters were the worst. Remember that not even ONE permanent shelter for Tsunami Victims have been contructed in 16 months.... Remember that 50 people have to die in flood relief


If at all there were some work done, it was all because of the sincere (compared to other states) government staff (whom she said "were not needed to tamil nadu") who worked 24 hours 7 days during the disasters

9:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

//Rs.2/- per kg rice and free colour TV offer and the FM's endorsing it as feasible, has undone J.//

Remember that she lost 40 out of 40 two years ago without these manifestos....... There was a large public resentment against her, except in Chennai and among the higher classes

And English media were playing a picture as if she was going to win and that

9:13 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

Anon1, the people of TN, even India in general, flourish inspite of the government and not because of it. Good work = not doing any work. I've known people affected by tsunami but looks like you know more. I am willing to listen to your point of view. Your input is welcome.
Anon2, wo can forget 40-0? It was like a tennis score.:-)

10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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