Me Thinks

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Faux Pas

"Never ask a man his salary and a woman, her age" - I heard this long ago from one wise soul. I would also add "never ask a woman if she is pregnant". Not until you see her in the labour room trying her best to push her baby out. Its a different story that she might not be polite and say yes at that moment.
Ms.NiceGirl works at the nearby bank and is always polite to people. One can always find her smiling and saying things like "Your daughter is so cute", "your son has become big now", "You look sharp today", "Mr.X, you look half your age" and such pleasantries. People like talking to her too. An old customer was at the bank the other day and Ms.NiceGirl goes "Oh! You look beautiful. When is your due date?". Pat comes the reply "I delivered 2 months ago" accompanied by a curt "you moron" look. Its bad enough that women have to go through labour and the ensuing baby blues, the last thing she would want is someone telling her that her belly is still big. I don't blame the new Mom. I guess sometimes its OK not to act too friendly and personal.