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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Sivaji experience by a Rajini fan

My friend Bubby is a hardcore Rajini fan. And I think its appropriate to post her review here. Although we disagree with a few things, I enjoy reading her review. here it goes.......

Right from the first frame till the last SIVAJI is total paisa vasool.


Sivaji, the software professional or something like that comes to India to set up a project worth 200 Crore and build colleges, hospitals etc. Adiseshan (Suman) is his rival who goes all out to stop Sivaji from building this empire. He succeeds in doing so and Sivaji is left with just one rupee in hand… And this is the interval block. Does Sivaji succeed in building his 200 Crore empire ? (what a suspense…nailbiting I say) .. There you have your 3 hour extravaganza!

Sivaji has all the ingredients of a Rajni movie.. for the pucca Rajni fan.. right from your mill thozilaali [the kaamedy in the first part] to your Manhattan tam guy [Thalaivar englipees la pinraar]. The first half comedy especially the first one hour is mainly aimed at rows # T-Z but let me tell you honestly. I enjoy slapstick comedy immensely and I laughed out loud everytime thalaivar went "ooohh.. haa" after biting those red chillies in the kaamedy scene.

Talking about kaamedy, Vivek is at his best. We have seen him in Anniyan giving those "Thala-muthu natarasaan maligai-la application podara madiri love letter irukkaee…."lines. He is at his peak when he gives those punch lines.. aamam… this time it is not thalaivar but china-k-kalaivanar who gives all those punch dialaaks, but only after taking a dig at all the china-p-pasanga who have started lifting their fingers giving punch dialaaks. Simbu, Vijay , kekkudha?

Thailavar does a Sivaji, M G R and yes, Kamal in one of the sequences. Deepavali annikku pongal saapadalam, aana pongal annikku deepavali saapida mudiyuma? Wondering why I am doing a Ganthimathi here? Thailavar-Superstar can imitate Ulaga nayagan but can Ulaga Nayagan do a Superstar? Adhu....

The Adhiradi second half is for rows #A-Z. Thalaivar has kalakkufyed like never before. The action sequences are by Peter Hain.. and uff.. is Thalaivar really 57? Hard to believe!! Matrix in its umpteenth avadaram in tamizh cinema. The Tamizhised Matrix has its own charm thanks only to Superstar.

The first half has more romantic interludes with Shriya and less of Rajni-Suman modhal. May be it was aimed at the aam junta wanting to look at a typical daavani-poaata tamizh kudumba ponnu again and again with Thalaivar. As a big Shankar fan, I was looking for the Rajni-Suman modhal scenes in the first half which were missing quite a bit. But the director makes up for it by giving an action virundu in the second half.


The music.. A R R !! What more can I say? Like most Rahman albums, the songs didn't get me hooked the first few times I listened. But now, 'Oru koodai sunlight a.k.a Style', 'Adhiradee..' are on repeattt-u mode...forever! Now take a break and ensoy this ..

The Athiradee song is a perfect combination of best music, best singers – my favourites Karthik, Naresh Iyer are the supporting vocals, best costumes- Thailavar's adiradee look- blonde hair etc, Sooper choreography – Lawrence or Raju?


In 'Oru koodai sunlight' , I could not take my eyes off thalaivar's difference avtars. Ufff! This man spells magic and is awesome awesome awesome. Shot in Spain, Prabhudeva has choreographed the moves. Pa.Vijay's lyrics are cool! Blaaze, Rags, Suresh Peters have sung this song.

There are actors and actors who do 10 odd avadaraams in one movie. (Deepa's note - Ellam poramai Padmashree kedakkala nu) Our thalaivar does that in one shot.. sorry one frame.. check out the last sequence of 'Oru koodai'. Naa enda thailavana paapennnu tindadiponeen, saamiyoov!

Raju sundaram, Lawrence and Brinda have choreographed the other songs and have given thalaivar innovative kai-kaal mattum aatara steps.

You blow a thousand whistles when Thalaivar makes an entry in Athiradee on the bike… and the scene where he takes the guitar in his hand and does a jig.. *whistle* *whistle* [ ok ok .. I agree this sequence has been urufyed..adappongappa]


Thotta Tharani, last seen in Nimmadhi, Sorgam, Narakam and other AVM serials, please take a bow. His 3 crore set for 'Vaaji Vaaji' is replete with intricate details and is a maha treat for the eyes. He has transformed locations like never before . 'Athiradee' was shot in Binny mills, I heard. The opening 'Balelakka' was shot in Wai, Maharashtra and is colourful with rajni's face painted bellys and dancers with tigers painted on their bellys.

Thalaivar's look

He looks absolutely fresh, the styling, the makeup and the costumes are completely out of the world. No wonder Manish Malhotra is considered the God of film stylists in Bollywood. Stylist for Shahrukh khan, karishma kapoor, Urmila, Shilpa etc he has given some ultimate suits, jackets, capris etc for thalaivar. Neeta Lulla, too has done her job very well for Shriya. In ' Vaaji Vaaji' the colour coordinated costumes are superb. Thalaivar' s bearded look suits him the best. Manish, don't let the Sais and Bais of the tamil costume world go anywhere near thalaivar.. please ensure that you are with him for all his movies from now on.

THE MOTTAI BOSS : I am going to watch the movie again and again only for this. The mottai, the beard, the contacts.. adra sakkai, adra sakkai, adra sakkai.... Drool Drool.. Thalaivaaaaa......... you are God! Superstar looks stunning in this look and looks the best here. The Mottai boss is called.. well, watch the film, people!

Peter Hain : You saw him in Kaakha Kaakha, Anniyan etc. In Sivaji he tells you once again why he really is BOSS of action. Anda King kong action sequence, the action in the mills sequence, music store etc are Adiradee.. adidadi !!

K V Anand the magician who gave us stunning frames in Mudhalvan, Khakhee (Hindi),Kaadhal Desam etc is one of the many proofs we have to say how superior South Indian cameraman are compared to their North Indian counterparts. The unassuming cameraman's lighting and framing is of superior quality.


Sujatha does a good job, like always. The punch dialaaks (by Vivek ) are like 10000 vaala paattasu. Dont be surprised if your driver / domestic help says "Cool" more often. "Cool" is the new "Idhu eppadi irukku"... the new "Ippudu choodu".
Ofcourse there are these mandatory statistics that are in Sujatha's viral nuni (Tamizh-natula crore black money, india-vula Rs.ABC crore black money etc) which he collects only to use in such films. One thing missing was a brahmin character (read: Iyengar.. no entry for Iyers) which is a part of every Sujatha-written film. Now that Sivaji is out, you can expect his boring Katradum-Petradum in Vikatan to run for yet another year till another Maniratnam film takes over and you will have Katradum filled with "Shankar sneeze pannar.. Maniratnam-kku moottu vali , Rajni Rasagulla saaptar" kinda nonsense.

Trust me to look for such things. Vadivukkarasi's plastic kadamba poo on her head in the scene when the family leaves their home. he he he

One thing that I have never figured out in these umpteen years of tamizh film watching. Why do heroines of tamizh cinema recite wonly the "Kaakha Kaakha kanagavel kaaka" line to save them whenever their taali is in trouble.. Why ? Yean? endukku?
[ Deepz, you are my inspiration in asking such important kelvis]


Suman as Adi seshan is the villian. We saw him last in the disastrous tamil remake of Deewar, Thee with a squeaky voice. For some reason.. sorry for one and only reason the name Suman reminds me of my college, Ethiraj. Adu oru periya chinna kadaiyyaa! Honestly, may be because of his scenes or the characterisation you dont hate him as much as you hated Raghuvaran in Baadshah or Mudhalvan... In those films you hated the moment the baddie appeared on scene. May be Shankar intention was not that . He did not want us to hate Adiseshan so much. But let me admit, Suman has done a decent job... special mention for his dubbing artiste Subbu a.k.a Subramaniam. For once it is not Sairavi, Sai, Rajendran , Murali kumar and the umpteen regular villian dubbers who float around screaming "Deeeeeei" from their throat, giving the same modulation for every villian from Tellywood, Bollywood..[Ashish Vidhyarthi, Sonu Sood, Kotta Srinivasa rao etc]

Shriya Saran in the lead does her part very well. A total thaavani pota tamizh penn in the scenes and 'thaarala' maana penn in the song sequences. Honestly, a Trisha or an Asin could not have looked so good in the song sequences. Again special mention for Kaniha, who has dubbed for Shriya. Kaniha has a thin voice, modulation is not over the top or filmy . For once it is not the same Savitha reddy or Renuka or for that matter the awful Jayageetha doing the arrghs and ummms for the heroine.

Vivek, like I mentioned before is ultimate. Thalaivar and Chinna-k-kalaivanar make a perfect pair and their kaamedy timing is kalakkal.

Nayanthara makes a special appearance in Balelakka and looks hot .

There is Patti mandram raja as Shriya's father trying to act , Solomon Papaiiyya in his inimitable style saying 'Pazhaga vaanga', Uma Padmanabhan with that Velakkennai expression (you have seen the same one a zillion times in that serial Veetukku veedu). Thank God , madam does away with that awful strand of hair that comes on her face in her tele shows. Manivannan, Vadivukkarasi, Naa-inga-yenna-pandren Raghuvaran ,the ever-irritating-mallu-accented V M C Haneefa, 'Policeman' Shanmugaraja, 'Bose' Venkat [ I like him ] are all there. Oh ya, you have Shankar, K V Anand and Thotta Tarani doing a guest appeance in Balelakka .


Over all, Sivaji is an enjoyable experience. Dont enter the theatre if you are looking for logic, and are going to ask stupid questions like "how can some one who is dead come back alive?" " how can THE BOSS get away after beating all the politicians, bureaucrats? etc" .. If you are going to ask such silly koshtans, I suggest you donate your tickets to a Rajni rasigan / rasigai like me and go home to watch Kolangal and Arasi.

I had paid a whopping 180 bucks for a single ticket for the First Day first housefull show. But let me tell you, SIVAJI THE BOSS was worth every penny. I am going again, this time spending double, for my purusan too who is all enthu to accompany me tomorrow to the multiplex. I am waiting for that one friend to come back from Madras so that I can go again to watch it for the third time, next week .

SIVAJI - THE BOSS .. Ultimate.. Cool!!

Who's who:
1. Manish Malhotra – Transformed Karishma kapoor from a badly made up Nadigan (I said Nadigan, I know) to a decent looking actress in Raja Hindustani. Urmila Matondkar who? said many, before Manish transformed her into a sexy siren in Rangeela. Ditto for Rani mukherji, Kajol and the likes.

2. Banu – A well acclaimed make up artiste in South Indian advertising, she had to struggle for many many years to get a membership into the Makeup Men's Union of the South Indian Film association [FEFSI] . The Union heads feared that a woman entering the Union, (paving the way for many more women to enter the field )would take away their livelihood.adakkongakka makka!

3. Subbu - Son of veteran producer Panchu arunachalam, he has (co?)produced Cheran's mayyakkanadi. He is one of the villians on the teleserial Arasi. Some 10 odd people were auditioned to dub for Suman before Subbu was finalized.

4. Kaniha - This former Miss. Madras made her debut in Madras Talkies' Five star and went on to play the lead in a few films including Ajith's Varalaaru. She had earlier dubbed for Sadhaa in Anniyan. Her sister is also a dubbing artiste and she had dubbed for Mallika in Autograph


Blogger Ajay said...

u made my day by posting this!
Chumma Kalakitteengo!!!!!!!

5:18 PM  
Blogger Me said...

bubby = blogeshwari?

7:49 PM  
Blogger Me too said...

aaah! Bubby edhir katchi thalaiviya??? Idha idha edhirpaakkaley!!

10:02 AM  
Blogger Oracle said...

"Sivaji experience by a Rajini fan" &
"Sivaji experience by a Kamal fan" in my firefox live bookmark..I thought

Since when did Deepa become Anniyan?

Now I know RSS feed does not a blog make. :)

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Bubby said...

thanks deepz, anda rendu important lines a podaliyae.. seri inda dadavai unna mannichu vidaren

me = who's that?

me too = naa AaLunkatchi.. "Aalavandhan " katchidaan edir katchi

11:53 AM  
Blogger Me said...

...en per bubby..ennaku innor peru irukku...[start back ground music]...

baasha padatha paathu too much aa inspire aazhiteenga nu venuma?

12:46 PM  
Blogger anantha said...


3:55 PM  
Anonymous Bubby said...

me = multiple persnaalty disorder-a kooda irukkalam.
anantha = what the happened? romba grass-itching?

Deepa@lordlabak bisy samachu pottufying for purusan for his poranda naal and so i have decided to respond to all the comments today.(once a year akka samaichu podum ..anda naal innaal ponnal)

Happy Birthday Mr.Deepa :)

2:31 AM  
Blogger Deepa said...

Ajay, you are welcome.:-)
Me, she is not but I think this is posted there as well.
MT, yeah she is. Too bad.
Oracle, you dont think I am a total "loose", do you?
Bubby, nandri for replying. But you really thought I was busy cooking?;-)

9:19 AM  
Blogger Me said...

nan dhan bubby nu andha blog la ezhudhinaalum ennaku onnum puriya poradhu illa...everything is in thamizh....

11:08 AM  
Blogger Oracle said...


How can you call rajini rasigars loosu?? ;)

If this had been my company BB, an innocent post like that would have fawned a million flame wars. :)

9:32 PM  
Blogger Ginkgo said...

savitha reddy pathi thappa solla koodathu..en class mate aakum :-)

12:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bubby vaalgha!!

12:38 AM  
Anonymous Bubby said...

me : yen peyarai pottu ezhudditu en pugazhai ellam nee eduttukaa paakariyaa.. Daii.. eduda aruvala..

Gingko: Sorry , ava unnoda classmate-aa irukkalam.. aana simran mudhal jyo varai.. reema sen, raima sen, roama sen pondra Mumbai irukkumadigal aathanai perukkum ore modulation la dupping pesardu konjam 2 much.. seri Manoj K Bharathi eppadi irukkaram? Savitha kitta ketu sollunga ;-)

thanks jay

1:38 AM  
Blogger Pretty Woman said...

You have been tagged :)

Click on this URL to know more..

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd rather watch Mithun Chakraborthy's Disoc dancer a million times....Sivaji is the most disatrous punishment to anyone who appreciates good movie. Someone, please teach Rajini that dance has a lot more to do movements of the whole body than just jerking his hands and legs....

9:03 AM  
Blogger Hawkeye said...

super review. bade jor! nalla sirichen. nice observations.

one kostin though - i thought kaadhal sandhya dubbed for shriya. isnt that true?

9:48 PM  
Blogger APAM NAPAT said...

Thalaivar padam paakardhu is a duty.
Thalaivar nadichaa anubavikanum aarayakoodadhu.

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Bubby said...

hawkeye..5 star / Varalaru /Edhiri-la act panna Kaniha dubbed for Shriya. Sandhya-vukke oru dubber tevai.. ava yaarukku dub pannuva?

2:21 AM  
Blogger Kittu said...

woww...nice review deepae

adhiradikaran will be the best song in tamil cinema for few yrs from now.
I am not that much of a Rajini fan, but i liked this movie a lot.

Sivaji a super hit. !!

9:43 AM  
Blogger Ajay said...

i can see u smiling what with SRT talking with his bat!

3:44 PM  
Blogger iamyuva said...

Kool.. fun entertainer..

2:59 AM  
Anonymous Tamilroja said...

hey guys,im new to this blog world, anywho, i can type and LOVE rajini so I thot i give my fingers some exercise.

Bubbs gotta tell ya, your article is comforting. As hearing my husband's rajini bashing, I seriously thot about going lorena on him. It's so nice to hear someone big up my Thalai.

Rock on, keep up the good work. And to all the Rajini haters... lets see what ya'll look like when your 57.


11:43 AM  
Anonymous Thamilan said...

There is an old saying; "you should make sure that criminals exist if you are a policeman who wants to keep the post for a while".

Likewise, 2 actors make money while we fight over a 100% useless issue. When are we going to stop this "thalaivar" senario and start being our own leaders?

3:57 PM  

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