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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Wanted: Dada sans dada-giri

Bachelor's comment "Miss Sourav though" on my blog got me thinking. I have been so annoyed with Ganguly of late. Moreso, after his public bickering with Greg Chapell. He was starting to act like a politician - holding on to his chair and refusing to perform.
Lets rewind and go back in time. Remember the Toronto Friendship series? Tendulkar called Ganguly his secret weapon. He was not only batting well but was also taking wickets very often. Whenever Aussies or Pakistanis gave a dreadful stare or sledged and Indian cricketers gave a meek look in return, I wondered when India would ever be bestowed with players, who not only play well but also match these teams in staring & annoying (not sledging) The moment of glory was when Sourav removed his shirt and swung it in air sitting on the balcony at the Lord's. I thought India had finally "arrived". Under his captaincy, even youngsters like Harbhajan "wont-shut-up" Singh and Zaheer Khan gave that stare, some comments here & there and started playing what aussies call "mind games". Finally, we had a captain who was aggressive, I thought. He matched it with good performance with his bat. Centuries in world cup (never mind if it came against minnows - our openers failed then and dada stood firm), the century against Aussies in the first test when we toured there were simply superb.
Cricket fans like me loved it when Ganguly would give curt replies to journalists when they asked questions just to annoy him. And the team rallied around him. Oh My God! I miss that huddle. Wonder when Lord Shani decided to hold him by the scruff of his neck! (in tamil they say, when Lord Shani governs your star, things always go awry) Nothing went right for him. Finally, when he did hit a century against Zimbabwe, he couldn't keep his mouth shut and acted very irresponsibly. He is out now and is struggling to get back into the team.
But I would love to see him get back into the team and show his class once again and then hang his boots. We do miss Sourav, don't we?


Blogger Bachelor said...

God Girl !! you follow cricket beautifully. Even I dont remember all those stats !!

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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