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Saturday, October 29, 2005

Of IIPM and its heroes....

IIPM issue has been beaten to death and this is not yet another blog that calls them "bullies". These bullies...oops IIPM and all the bloggers have created a few heroes and villians. Rashmi Bansal, Gaurav Sabnis and Varna Sriraman belonging to the former group and Chauduri Sr, Jr and Andy (whoever he is) as villians. Of the heroes Gaurav seems to be more popular because he refused to be cowed down by threats and quit his job.
My alter-ego and I were having a discussion on IIPM. AE seems to think very high of Gaurav and asked my opinion on this "dude". I said "I like his blogs and my liking has neither increased or decreased after he quit his job". What I meant was gaurav quit his job because he had some personal convictions and even if he hadn't quit and retracted all his statments on IIPM, I would still go to his blog and I would still like his views.
My AE didn't get my point and asked me how I couldnt think high of a guy who
actually "quit his job" to defend his freedom of expression. Hello!! He quit his job because he could afford to. I dont mean to take anthing away from this guy and am glad somebody has such strong convictions in life but stop making heroes out of people.
Maybe Gaurav doesn't have a younger brother who would get admission in a decent college only if Gaurav paid a few lakhs. Maybe he doesnt have a younger sister whose wedding is scehduled to be next week and the in-laws are expecting a few lakhs as dowry. Maybe he wouldn't be banned from being the bandman of her wedding procession. Maybe he doesn't have an elder sister whose hubby gave her one slap that pushed her from her residence to Sr. Sabnis' feet and told the family that he would take her back only if they gave the promised extra dowry. Maybe he doesn't have any of these Made-in-India problems. Apparently, he is not starving because he has no job now. After all, he has the IIML degree up his sleeve. Imagine if he had these problems and hence decided to continue at IBM and retracted all his statements on IIPM. WOuld that make him a lesser human being? Give me a break!!! Let these people be and lets continue blogging. What makes us look out for heroes anytime something like this happens!? Beats me!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't hear AE's voice throughout the dialogue except for a oneliner here and there. unfair representation.
selva ?!

9:31 AM  

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