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Monday, October 31, 2005

Miers Vs. Alito

Harriet Miers withdrew as expected and now Sam Alito is the Bush nominee for Supreme Court. Miers didn't have the support of many Conservatives, notably the talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh has as many haters as he has fans, if not more.
The reason he dislikes Miers - she is a feminist.
A brief introduction of Rush Limbaugh to the ones who are not very famliar with him. He is the extreme righwinger that even (moderate) rightwingers like me would hate. Why do I listen to him still? When you listen to him, your reasons for hating him are validated and you feel good about hating a fellow human-being(!?).
He thinks feminists are needy at heart and want to settle down with a man and a baby but refuse to say so in public. Thats some definition! He is against men and women being paid equally as women can't do justice to work when she has family commitments.
For all his crap on "family values", "conservatism", "church-life" etc, he had 3 failed marriages.
Wasn't he the one that said he wouldn't accept a woman as a President because she wouldn't do her duty well for at least 3 days every month? A week or two ago he said he needn't prepare much before his show (he hadn't that day as he was apparently distracted with Florida storm news) and it would take him all of just a night's preparation when other hosts would take 6 months. Clearly, modesty is not his forte. It would be great to see him suck upto Condy Rice if she indeed runs for Presidency.
Read this if you have wanna have some fun.


Blogger Nilu said...


Rush Limbaugh had little to do with this. If anyone in the media had the slightest influence on this, it was George Will. His blistering columns with irrefutable logic just made the Republicans supporting Miers run for cover.

Feminism had nothing to with this. And Miers was not a feminist. You can listen to Rush for entertainment...but quating him for facts makes little sense ;)

1:50 PM  
Blogger Deepa said...

Nilu, you are bang on target when you took George Will's name. Limbaugh made Miers a feminist & ran a propoganda. yes, quoting him makes no sense unless the intention is to bad-mouth him ;-)

5:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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