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Monday, October 31, 2005

We get on....

Bomb blast in Delhi kills about 70 people just a few days before Diwali. Wonder what goes on in the minds of these scumbags when they target people like this and claim they are doing this for the kashmiri cause! Some moronic group that claimed rsponsibility says this is a revenge for the way the armymen act in Kashmir. Last we heard from the kashmiris themselves was that the army helped them after the earthquake. But who cares what the kashmiris say, Indians in all the states would be targeted by these b^&^&*. By planting bombs in crowded places, they are going to change the attitude of those army men who perpetrate such crimes. Are they serious when they say they would get 7 virgins after death in heaven if they kill the infidels? Maybe we should help them get there soon.
We feel bad, we call them names, we empathise and sympathize with the victims and we get on with our lives. The Indian main-stream media (MSM) covers the blasts till the next ODI starts and once the world peace is restored with Dhoni's blazing century, runs numerous reports on how Dhoni hit the ball, why Tendulakar failed, what Dravid said, how many effigies of Roy were burned and then calls us insensitive and the cricketers, over-paid, hyped and greedy. After all, we forgot to think of the victims of the blast that happened just a couple of days ago. But this report would come out only after India loses a series. Yawn...don't we all know this cycle too well?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolutely true!!

I am really nervous about India giving funds to Pakistan for the relief efforts. Who knows if this money is used for the right purpose or not?

1:00 PM  
Blogger Bachelor said...

Delhi never got the publicity as much as the London Bomb Blasts. Uncle Sam doesnt care anyway. He sucks upto Musharraf for logistics while terrorists operate under his very nose in PakiLand.

India is on a high now thanks to some team work atlast. Dhoni certainly celebrated Diwali one day early. Miss Saurav though.

2:06 PM  
Blogger D LordLabak said...

Bachelor, you are right when you say Delhi blasts were not covered much.
I would rather India follows America's footsteps. Put our nation first and the morals be damned. Lets hope we get people with such views at the helm.

3:29 PM  

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