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Monday, October 15, 2012

Karan Johar = Dan Brown

Dan Brown can't possibly be anyone's favorite author. People might like his books but he won't be named as anyone's favorite author. His books are predictable. They have a formula. Typically, something seemingly impossible/unbelievable happens, more mysteries, suspense and finally good guy is the winner. I have only read 3 of his books but they all seem the same, as gripping as 2 of them might be.

Now let's talk about our future President of India, Karan Johar. Movies predictable and they have a formula. Foreign or foreign look-alike locations, accents, pop culture with a little bit of Indian-ness thrown in the form of a song where all characters wear Indian clothes and dance. And that song is always a hit. Finally everybody wins. Characters that confuse relationships die or fade away. But his movies create ripples, then waves and become super hits. Much like Dan Brown books.

So you and I can call them names, hate them but cant escape from them or their products because secretly we patronize them.

I don't want to watch The Student of the Year but I can't escape from "Radha tera Jhumka, O Radha tera thumka" song.


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Indhi paat'aa? Edhukku?

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