Me Thinks

Friday, September 28, 2007

School scene - 1

It was 9PM and my stomach was making strange noises. I was speed walking out of the class so I could go home quick and have my extremely delicious dinner made by myself. (sandhula sindhu)

There was a big crowd near the elevator. Couldn't take the stairs as I was too hungry and I was on the 13th floor. Somehow managed to squeeze into the elevator that was actually going up. I didn't care. I just wanted to get in. There were some 40 people in the elevator and there was an Indian guy.

In New Jersey and New York, you shouldn't smile or say "Hi" if you see other Indians because even if you do, they are going to look away like it has happened to me many times before. I don't now why and I wasn't ready for any "bulb" at that time. I tried to act like a local and didn't look his way. He kept staring at me and he probably thought "Lemme see how long you can avoid looking this way, Missy". I conceded defeat, looked and smiled (not too much) and before even I could finish that perfunctory smile, he went "Which part of India are you from?" Instead of saying "Whats your problem and why do you care", I unintentionally sounded decent and the words "Are you asking me?" came out. Before I could finish the sentence with "me", pat came his reply. "I am from Ranchi. Do you know Ranchi?" I nodded as I said "I've heard of it". And as usual, he wasn't interested in what I was saying or going to say, he went "Dhoni is from there. Do you know cricketer Dhoni?" I said "yes" but why did I even bother answering, I don't know. Not that he paid attention. He was most surprised by my yes and he asked "You know Dhoni?!" He could've as well said "Hey woman!! You know cricket and even know cricketers' names!! Thats very surprising." And I don't think he believed that I'd heard of Dhoni. Ranchi pasangala, too much I say. To add to all this pride, he captained and the team won the world cup. I think the guy's mission that day was to tell any Indian looking person that he was from Ranchi. Pasila potruppen. But common sense prevailed. I think of Dhoni, the Ranchi-ite, as a "kaattaan" and one should never mess with him (them).

Monday, September 24, 2007


Indian cricket team wins the 20-20 World Cup. The Big 3 - Sachin, Dravid and Ganguly weren't part of the team. The only chance of ever holding a cup thats anywhere close to the actual world cup just passed by. You are good err.. great, the 3 of you, just not "lucky".

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dear Bluetooth freak

Its funny how you assume people are at awe because you wear that cool widget over your ear. You are lucky if some of us don't think thats a hearing aid because its impossible to spot you without that thing. And you seem to be talking (loudly) all the time to someone. Don't you have real friends whom you can meet in person and chat? Have you wondered why people gawk at you when you walk by? Please remove that thing from your ear and ask someone on the road to wear it on their left ear. Stand on their right side and let them use your phone. Observe them for 5 minutes - laughing, screaming, hitting their head, gesturing etc. All this, while they are walking normally with both their hands swinging by their side. I promise you'd think that person is crazy. And thats exactly how you look everytime you pass us. Isn't it funny that you think a few desperate housewives are ogling at you? Maybe someday you'll land in this space and realize what exactly is happening. So long.