Me Thinks

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Time pass

How much should a man have achieved if he could say "I am very talented. And thats why I am very popular". Who can actually make such tall claims - I was thinking. Maybe Don Bradman, Federer. But if they had said that, we wouldn't have respected them as much I guess. But this man re-christened Vijaya T. Rajendar, doesn't really care much for political correctness or modesty. Watch him play with english words in a movie clip. I don't remember the name of the movie though. Thanks Bubby for the link. And you are welcome people.:-)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

O Mothers

I hear you when you say Mother's Day, Father's Day are all stupid. Everyday should be mother's day. Everyday should be father's day. And everyday, of course, should be your Valentine's Day. People are stupid I agree. The commercialization of these days and the hype surrounding them is becoming unbearable by the year. I am with you. But this anger is aggravated even more when you don't receive even a card on such a day. Yes, I don't believe in these "special" days either. More so now.

PS - Waited 2 extra days just to make sure there is no scope for some delayed package delivery. That happens when you order something online, you know.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


If you have a cellphone and you keep it on a counter in a shop and leave without taking the cellphone, its carelessness. But if you put it in your pocket without realizing that its a "hole-y" pocket, its bad luck.

If you wear a ring in your finger and misplace it somewhere inside some public bathroom's wash-basin, its carelessness. But if you wear one with 4 or 5 stones and one of the stones disappear one day, its bad luck.

If you ask one of your friends to keep your expensive watch in his/her pocket because you can't have that watch at that moment and then forget about it, its carelessness. But if you call her a couple of hours later only to hear how her wallet, along with your watch got stolen, its bad luck.

Wondering why I am talking like "Arattai Arangam" Visu? All the aforementioned things happened to me. So I am labelled a careless person. I beg to differ.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I thought my blogging days were over....even blog-hopping days. (That would be a nightmare) "I am so busy, I don't have time right now" has been my answer to a lot of things. I think my plate is so full that I am just overwhelmed and I haven't even started working on anything. Is there a thing called "Time Management" and is it a learnable art? Does anyone know of any online tutorial? My Birthday is far away. Diwali, Pongal, New Year etc are all over. But I shall gladly accept the online link as a Mother's Day gift.

Some of the things I wanted to write about were.....
Removal of idlis from Railways menu
Rani not being invited to Ash-Abhi's wedding (yes, naattukku thevai)
Gonzales' "I don't recall" mantra
Cricket's pathetic advertisement and 2 annoying nations qualifying for the finals
A right wing commentator's "Its silly of people to talk about gun control at this juncture" as a reaction to Virginia Tech massacre
My ill-luck