Me Thinks

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Ashok says I have an opinion on everything. That is true. I think about things that are not really important...don't need to be thought of.

For example, I was wondering how PTO or Please Turn Over came about. I mean, who started using that first? Can you imagine someone starting a story with "Once upon a time" and at the end of the page forgot to write PTO? Would the reader start over from once upon a time again? Check this - The boy said hey are you (missed PTO) once upon a time there lived a boy". People turn the page no matter what. So why did PTO come into existence.

Just when I was thinking about the redundancy of an acronym, I realized how wrong I was. I quickly realized it must have been discovered/invented by a kid during final exams in India. The lazy teacher must have given 10 marks for a 20 mark question because the teacher couldn't turn the page over to see there is more on the other side. And the kid failed or worse yet got 90 in Math instead of 100 thanks to the teacher missing his "LHS = RHS hence proved" at the end but unfortunately on the other side of the paper. That kid probably started adding PTO at the end of the page religiously and we all followed that. I am pretty sure that is the origin of PTO.

Do you have another opinion? Please shout out.

And what's with PS and PS or PPS!!.