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Monday, June 16, 2008

Santhosh Subramanyam

This is not a review. I've been catching up with Hindi & Tamil movies and this is the last one I watched. I am a closet Jayam Ravi fan. I've seen his "M.Kumaran..." and "Something something...". So I wanted to watch this movie as well. He brings certain life to such characters. I wish I had enough enthusiasm to watch Telugu movies so I can actually see Siddharth in the corresponding roles. My limited Telugu understanding and lack of company keep me from doing it.

Anyway, it was a SURPRISE to see Sadagopan Ramesh make a debut in this movie. For the sake of a long lost friend of mine (B, what is our friend M up to these days?), I will refrain from commenting on this character. And what is Kousalya doing in this movie?! She is married to an American Maaplai and is on the phone through out the movie. Why was she selected for the role and why was she a married 'akka'? And why the character itself?! Has no relevance to the movie. I used to like her. Never watched any of her movies but liked her looks in songs like "Akila Akila' and "oru mani aditthaal". Like all heroines that have lost "market share", she is here doing the akka role.

Jayam Ravi is good as usual. And Prakash raj has to be the dad because he can't do the hero's role and there is no villain in the movie. VijayKumar, of course, is there as well. But how come he is not dying in this movie like he does in most movies? Geetha is the hero's Mom. The most annoying character was of course Genelia's. Sadly, she is in all 3 versions (Tamil, Telugu and Hindi). I think the Hindi version has Aamir Khan's nephew or somebody as the hero. And the songs are big hits if I have to go by the local Hindi channel.

I don't know if Genelia is annoying or its the Director who should be blamed for this annoying character. Her sole aim in life is to head-butt people, in this movie. The hero might find it cute but normal men (and women) definitely won't. There are million ways to show that a girl is outgoing, extroverted, social etc but the Director chose to portray this character as someone thats messed up in the head. And to think its "cute"!!!!!! But the movie's storyline is good and its definitely worth a watch.

Please suggest some good Tamil/Hindi movies for me. Everybody around is doing summer "reading", I wanna do summer "watching" and catch up.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I can't wait for Dasavatharam's release. Since I watched Sivaji first day first show, I am duty bound to watch Dasavatharam on the first day itself. But looks like there are many hurdles as is expected of a Kamal movie. But the one controversy that interests me the most is the one that relates to the name of the producer.

He not only gave himself a new firstname, Oscar (and removed Venu), but also used a symbol that resembles the Oscar trophy, for his movies. If he hadn't used the symbol, he wouldn't have been in trouble. The use of the name and the symbol peeved the actual Oscar people. I am sure Venu Oscar is pretty grouchy now. Last I heard, Oscar Ravichandran changed his name to "Ascar" Ravichandran. Is that true?