Me Thinks

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hello Miss Pompous

Thanks to you a strange thought occured to me - that running a sharp knife through a cushiony bed must be exciting and that might assuage a person in times like these. I am guessing that I feel this way because I am really mad at YOU. yes, I AM really mad at you and REALLY mad at you.
I genuinely hope I don't become like (one of) you someday. Everytime you talk to me condescendingly I thought it was just your personality because you "must" be nice as someone in your position ought to be. But when I see you sucking upto non-Indians, I find it hard to convince myself that you are normal. I know you act like this to me because I am also an Indian. This is the worst form of racism. I bet you wouldn't dare show this attitude to some white woman. And thanks to you, I said something I promised I'd never even feel leave alone say - that I dread dealing with Indians. And thanks to you Tendulkar's innings is the last thing in my mind. And I hope this post serves as some sort of catharsis.

Friday, November 02, 2007

My Blog

Somebody told me (after reading my previous post) that my blog "ini mella chaagum". That kind of upset me, I don't want it too. The frequency of my posts indicates how much I am able to do things that I really like. Recently, I had an argument with a friend about people doing the things they like. She said its a luxury. Its not that I have a strong opinion on the topic but I love playing devil's advocate. So I said "If you really (make that capital) want to do something, you'll always find time for it". And that friend easily agreed. Now I think thats not true. I don't blog regularly and I want to slouch on the couch doing nothing but I never have time for that. Does that mean one is bad in time management or is doing the things you like really a luxury? Please give me your opinion.