Me Thinks

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Indian blood

Chetan Sharma, at one point of time, was the only guy who had a hat-trick in the World Cup. But no one remembers him for that. The name Chetan Sharma can be associated only to the last-ball six by Miandad in Sharjah. Yesterday I got to watch the last few overs of the SL-Eng match. Ravi Bopara hit the ball well, scored a good half century at a good strike rate. The equation came down to 3 runs from 1 ball. And he was clean bowled. And unfortunately people would remember him for losing his wicket at a crucial time. He has traces of Indian blood in him after all, I guess. He fumbled at the finish.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Ti' bits

A guy, I know, said, he voted for Sanjaya in the American Idol because he thought Sanjaya's sister looked cute. Maybe there are many more guys (even non-Indians) like him and maybe thats why he is still there in the race. Why hate Sanjaya? Poor kid!

A friend of mine actually thought "well-built man" in Indian matrinomial lingo means a man with a 6-pack body. How naive! She later discovered, to her dismay, that it refers to a fat man.

I read a lot but I definitely don't fall under the "voracious" category. And I go a lot by the recommendations from other readers. And most of the time, I end up hating those recommended books (Eg - Bridges of the Madison County, We the Living, Hitch-hiker's guide to the Galazy etc) But I still pay heed and read those books anyway because I don't want to be the one hearing "Oh My God, you haven't read THAT book?" :-) Namesake is what I have in my hands right now. YAWN! Next time, I'd think twice before making a statement like "Movies are always the bad versions of their books".

I am disappointed that one doesn't get a day off on Good Friday in the US. I once bragged to a collegue that in India it was a public holiday. I wasn't prepared for a "Why?" from him. Just blurted "Because India is not a hindu country, its secular. The snetiments of all religions are appreciated". That answer seems so dumb and lame now that I think back.:-) And I grew up.