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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thirty Plus, 30+

Can one not think of Jeetendra in that white suit coming down the stairs while people sing 30+ in the background? Well, this post is not about Jitendra.

When Aishwarya Rai became Miss World, I was in college. I loved her. I still haven't found anybody more beautiful than her. Loved her when she said "Hi, I am Sanjna, got another pepsi?" That was pre-Miss-World Aishwarya and she looked stunning. Like any other college-goer, I had her posters and pictures and kept collecting them. Watched every movie. She is a graceful dancer (don't miss Iruvar and jeans) and I loved her clothes, her walk etc. People always say she is a bad actor, I thought she did a good job in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. I remember getting impressed with the scene where she lies down on a swing and cries to her Mom. To date, I've always defended Aishwarya rai (and I think I will, she is so beautiful) but I think she has the usual 30+ syndrome. The insecurity that all female actors get once they get "over the hill".

For all her beauty, she never used to wear Mallika-Sherawat-ish type of clothes and never said anything controversial to the media. She was always politically correct, never denied any rumour, never accepted 'em or whatever. But 30+ Ash seems different. I saw Dhoom2 posters and THAT seems like a different Aishwarya. Ash and skimpy clothes?! Why, oh why? Her face is her biggest asset but she sure doesn't think so. Or does she think this is the only way to compete with the new faces of hindi cinema or the item queens? I am disappointed Ash. yeah right, like she cares.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I love Thanksgiving - not because of the turkey or visiting familes but because its the longest weekend in the US. After many years we are just staying home during a Thanksgiving weekend. Only when you sit back on your couch flipping channels or have a computer on your lap and do bloghopping or have a nice cup of tea and watch a bad weather through your window with a smile on your face, you can say you are actually vacationing. I am happily vacationing now. I have a lot to thank for. I am happy
- for not sitting through the Ind vs SA match like a lunatic
- to see Sachin (still) be the top scorer in that stupid match

More importantly I am happy that I am mentally strong enough to not attempt suicide after watching the Arjun starrer "Vaatthiyar" movie. I like Arjun and thats why I decided to watch this movie during a nice weekend but this movie sucks. Some assistant Director called Rajkumar claims this was his story. Arjun can happily disown and give that guy credit if he really wants to keep his fans in good humour.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Bossy Aussie

I don't know how many got to watch this. This is unbelievable. Would someone teach the Australian cricketers some manners?

Friday, November 03, 2006

Man Feet

After watching the "Man Hands" episode of Seinfeld for the umpteenth time, something prompted me to look down and I noticed my feet. And a tangent thought took off from there. Could there be anyone in this world who'd make fun of my feet calling it "Man feet"? Its possible.

I've always had big feet. I am not gonna tell my shoe size but you'll get the picture when I say my husband and I have the same shoe size. (No, he doesn't have small feet) I could swear my feet grew some more after I got married but no one believes me. During college days, I never could find the right size. Fortunately, I had 2 friends who shared the same pligt. So it didnt seem that bad then. And I always wore closed shoes. Infact, when the shopkeepers said they didn't have my size, I used to feel proud. :-)

In some weddings, there is a custom when the guy puts the toe-ring on the girl's toes. So when my husband bent down to put that, he looked up, smiled and then did the ritual. He got up and whispered "For a second, I thought I was holding the priest's feet". "ha ha funny" I laughed. Was it? I had painted my nails, had done mehndi meticulously. What are the chances of the priest having such drawings on his feet? And he actually meant I had man feet?!?! I noted this incident down in my mental diary of complaints and planned to attack after 90 days. (Don't they say in Tamil that aasai aruvadhu naal mogam muppadhu naal? So totally 90.)

After that day, the whole world seems to notice my feet and definitely not in awe. In winter, when everybody wears similar kind of bulky boots, I am reluctant to remove my shoes to enter some place. So many times I've heard the hosts say "Whose shoes are these? Can't be yours, its too big. Must be some guy's shoes." A few weeks ago, a guy was almost trying to sell me men's shoes because women's secition didn't have my size. Why are my feet suddenly getting noticed everywhere I don't know. Its not that they are abnormally large. A voice inside me says "Its OK. Man feet - you can live with it". Yes, I can.