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Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Move

Moving is no fun. Leaving the familiar area, familiar people, familiar mall etc can be pretty frustrating. Currently I live in an area where you could wait at a light with 10 cars behind you, your car could get stalled just when the light turns green and by the time you start your car and get set to go, the light could turn red again but still people behind you wouldn't honk. That, my friends, is Allentown. When a plane crashed in Pennsylvania on 9/11, no one we knew worried about our safety because they knew the terrorists won't find this place in the map. Years ago when I couldn't appreciate the patience and the politeness of the people here, I used to think people here are too slow and sluggish. Well, coming from Chennai can you blame me for that? I enjoyed this kind of "village" life to the fullest for a while and now we move to a "city" in another state. A city, where cars are redundant, where you'd even get curry leaves (karuveppilai) in the grocery stores (Indian), where you'd get alcohol in normal stores, where people should actually pay to park their cars if they visit you. Its a big change but I am actually looking forward to it. Bye Allentown, Hello Jersey City.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Happy Deepavali

Advanced Deepavali wishes to you all. Its been a few years since anyone asked me "Deepa, do you get vali(pain) on this day?" Either I am too old to be hearing such (poor) jokes from them or there are less number of "kadi" people around me now. Either way, its a good sign.

By the way, I would like to know why Deepavali is also called Diwali. (Tamil nazis stay away. There has to be some other answer other than N.Indian conspiracy)

Saturday, October 07, 2006

There it goes....

Jay has tagged me. I always wondered what this tag thing is all about. Lot of people write stuff about themselves. Frankly, its kind of flattering to know some people do actually exist who'd want to know 9 things about you.:-)

Things I love - Food, music, cricket and books (well, any reading material)
Things I hate - Artificiality, Confrontations
Favourite cuisine (Only top 2) - Indian Chinese, Thai
I am lucky because - I am always surrounded by great people (I wish my husband read my blog regularly)
I am unlucky because - The cars on the other lanes move faster and I've never won a lottery
I wish I were - a little less emotional and mentally stronger
I am very unforgiving when it comes to - Tamil pronunciations, English/Tamil/Hindi grammar and singing on a proper note. (More on the grammar part - someone who claims they are good at something can't take grammar lightly. Its OK if Vairamuthu makes a grammatical error in english or hindi but not in tamil. As an aside, I can't forgive him for penning the line "Kaalam kanindhadhu kadhavugal thirandhadhu". It has to be "thirandhana" in the song "Madai Thirandhu" from Nizhalgal)
Zodiac - Leo
Confessions - I am very religious. I lie and suck upto people if it means avoiding a confrontation. I feel very proud about some of my values. I deal better with men than I do with women and hence have more men friends than women and these women are more like men, so things are always at its best between my friends and me.

Now its my turn to tag. I hope the following bloggers haven't been tagged already.