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Monday, July 31, 2006

Queer party

There was a man who wanted to possess a pair of shoes and was envying someone who had those. That feeling lasted till he saw another man with no legs. I am sure we have all heard of this story in its many forms while growing up. I am reminded of that story after reading a news item in a magazine.

If you think our politicians can't get any worse, all you need to do is look at some politicians in some other country who are worse. A 3-member pedophile political party is all set to run in the November elections in The Netherlands. They are running on a platform of lowering the age of consent (for sex) and legalising sex with animals. Unbelievable!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

One Year

The object of my unconditional love turns ONE today. Happy Birth day Varun. I guess its been a year since I became emotion-driven from rationale-driven. No wonder people use that cliche so often. Time Flies, indeed.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Chain Mail

By now, most of the surfers know about the chain mail thats going on. Its a letter written by Ashok Chavda that was published in rediff (I didn't read the original. I just got the chain mail).

My friend, Anonymous, decided to present the point of view of the terrorist and here he goes.

Response from a Terrorist:

You cowards of the Gandhian ideoology keep proving that you are the most vulnerable targets in the world. We attacked New york once, London once but we have attacked you repeatedly not once or twice but eleven times and got away with it. Your leaders can only bark after such an attack but do not have any nerve to take on us. You will see your own death, you will see destruction around. You will never feel safe. Don't take pride in a shameless act of getting back to normal business within hours of attack and call that as an act of bravery. You have to do it because you cannot surivive without working for a single day. It is the poverty and desperation that is making you get back to business and not your valor.

A man who is sleeping can be woken up but not the one who feigns.You guys know what we want but you will never accept it or deal with it because your flawed secularism will be proved wrong. Till that feeling prevails ,victory is ours. We fear Israel, we fear US but we laugh at India.

Your forwarded message sucks.

Not the one to take things lying down, my cousin decided to take the terrorist head on. And here he goes.....

Dear Terrorist,
Thank you for your response. I am not the OP of this
thread (who btw is Ashok Chavda), but I wanted to present u my thoughts on this issue.

I agree with what you had to say about the pointless statements of our politicians. But what I fail to understand is why do you wanna bomb a place where ppl dont care about life or death. If you had bombed New York or London twice, people would have been afraid to venture out to work and you would have managed to accomplish the motive of the bombings - i.e to create terror. But repeatedly bombing a place like Bombay only reminds me of a quote - Insanity is defined as doing the same thing and expecting different results.

We do get back to normal life not bcoz of mumbai spirit, but bcoz we need to work to survive in this city. While this whole drama brings out the hypocrites in us, it also brings out the lack of purpose in your motives and a lack of intelligence in implementation.

You dont attack the US or London bcoz it is very difficult to penetrate a country with naturally protected borders and friendly neighbours. Its too much for your peanut sized brains and naturally you dont wanna waste the little that is left.

This whole feeling of euphism on your part reminds me of the sense of accomplishment that India feels when our cricket team beats Zimbabwe on home grounds.

You can continue to bomb us and we will continue to return to our normal lives.
the question is .. we have 14 million people and more coming.. do you have the time and patience???

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Mumbai blast

How many more blasts should occur in Mumbai before the people can feel "We are reasonably safe"? I checked many websites for more information but I guess its too early or maybe the sites are waiting for something more sensational to occur. If any of you have more information, please post.


Have people started talking about Mumbai spirit yet? Or have they stopped yet? I was talking to my good friend in Mumbai and she made a good point. Be it, NYC or London or Mumbai, life would go on even after bombs attack the trains, towers and what not. And you know why? If people don't go about their lives, they won't get their day's moolah. No moolah -> starvation-> death. Simple as that. So every time some attack happens, people should stop talking about the spirit. Even the victims might get annoyed.

And here are some sites that might provide more information.
Netsuffering also blogs about it.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Zidane and Chirac

A soccer player by name Zinedine Zidane, in 1998, kicked a Saudi player on his back and got suspended for 2 matches. He captains the French team and in the world cup finals against Italy today, attacks an Italian like a bull and gets a RED card. And the proud President of France, applauds him and his beautiful sporting values. I would like to applaud Chirac.

Smart woman

For too long many (muslim) men have gotten away very easily ater saying "Talaaq" three times. One smart woman in Ghaziabad has tamed her dumb husband. I came across the following news item in a website.

A woman has refused to accept her husband’s decision to divorce her by sending a letter with the word “talaq” written thrice.

Farzana, who has been living with her parents here for the past four months, said she has not read the letter sent by her husband Siraj. “So talaq cannot be accepted.”

Superintendent of police Ashfaq Ahmad, who is also chairman of the family disputes settlement committee where the case is being heard, said if Farzana had read the letter, the marriage would have been annulled.

But if any other member of the family saw the letter and told her about its contents, it would have no effect.

Siraj had reportedly sent Rs 2,250 as the meher or alimony for Farzana along with the letter on June 2.

Friday, July 07, 2006


Many single people who are not thinking of marriage, ask this question - "Why do people want to get married?" The ones around do research, think of personal experiences etc and come up with a few answers. And all these answers are analyzed and synthesized and they come to the conclusion that the reasons seem silly and that there is no good reason to get married. This is pretty standard.

And couples who are not thinking of having a baby ask - "Why do people want to have children?" "they are cute", "No, they are brats", "they are a delight", "No, they are trouble" and they go back and forth and the former dismiss all the reasons the latter gives as silly and they conclude there is no good reason to have a baby. This is standard too. Of all the reasons they give to support their theory of babies are redundant, the one I find funniest is that the world is already over-populated. Definitely funny.

Looks like it is still a fad for some to-be-married/just-married people to say "I am going to adopt a kid". Its a noble deed but the number of people who actually do it is so low that its negligible. I mean, the ones who do it are the ones who hadn't advertised thus.

This is definitely not what I had planned to post after India won the test series in West Indies but couldn't stop thinking about this after I read about kids, adoption etc.